An Explorator intent on recovering stolen xenos tech for the good of Man.


Homeworld: Forge World. Macharius was born to an explorator fleet. From birth he was exposed to far flung stars and the machine cult.

Birthright: Child of Creed: Machine Cult. It was not until relatively late in Macharius’s adolescence that he was exposed to people who weren’t adherents of the creed. Cloistered in the heart of the explorator fleet’s third largest void ship with the other youths and the tehncomats, the forge was the world, nay, the universe to Macharius.

Lure of the Void: Renegade: Free Thinker. Over time, Macharius graduated his way further and further towards the skin of the ship. He had brains and he knew when to hold his tongue. At times he saw combats. At times, even xenos. He was fascinated by the xenos’ tech. Although clearly inferior to the tech of the Imperium of man in brutality and power, it had an elegance. Macharius dared to contemplate the ways he could improve it by turning it away from heresy. To do that, though, he would need autonomy away from the prying eyes of the blind.

Trials and Travails: Press Ganged. With transfer papers in hand, Macharius witnessed first hand as his home fell prey to pirates. A bad void jump had separated his ship from the rest of its fleet and its weapons were insufficient. Macharius and the handful of other survivors were pressed into service by their attackers. Among other tasks, they were forced to repair the very ships they had just been trying to destroy. Macharius was obedient on the surface, but spent much time communing with the machine spirits of the ship during repair missions. Over time, with the help of his fellow captives, he built a crude second bridge deep in the bowels of the ship. After much patience, the time was right and Macharius led a bloodless mutiny in which most of the ship was vented into the void, starting with the main bridge.

Motivation: Fortune. When Macharius came back to the explorator fleet of his childhood at the helm of a captured warship, he was granted his pick of assignments. He asked to be placed as an advisor to a Rogue Trader. There, he intends to find fortune and favor when he is able to tame the marvels of the Koronus expanse and lay them at the feet of Mars.

Career: Explorator.

What is your demeanor? Choleric: Always active and taking charge, yet easy to provoke to anger. The destruction of his home by pirates scarred him, while his triumph has fueled his ambition. He is at times glorious and terrible.

Why are you a leader aboard a Rogue Trader vessel? He has already won great prestige among his own kind and although he has yet to prove himself on the outside, his position is secured by an obscure clause in the ship’s warrant added during an ancient refit.

Why does the Koronus Expanse call to you? There are things there. Great things and evil things. Things to be tamed.

What Will you sacrifice? Life is cheap and hardly even counts as a sacrifice when it belongs to scum. Macharius is prepared to sacrifice his very humanity if it is the price to be payed for immortality, literal or otherwise.

What is your ambition? He intends to see the technological might of the Imperium exceed the fabled heights immediately prior to the Dark Ages. Even if it means stealing from xenos races.

What are your hatreds? Macharius hates deliberate ignorance, which sometimes places him at odds with the ecclesiarchy when he lets his mouth run. More than anything else though, he hates pirates and slavers.


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