The Truly Free

Macharius Transport R432-X98 01

We have decided to salvage the R432-X98 Mass Transport. It was attacked in open space near Lucia’s Breath while on its way back from Winterscale’s Realm. The navigators estimate we will arrive in four days. I was able to acquire 30 sets of bionic locomotors from Footfall before our departure, so I will not be wanting for work during transit.

R432-X98 is dead in space. It appears to have pulled four fairly significant asteroids into orbit along with a fair amount of debris. I find the proximity of these obstacles very suspicious given the astronomically insignificant amount of time the ship has been derelict. The other commanders agree, so we are taking our time and scanning from the maximum distance.

Our caution was warranted. We were attacked by five combat drones and one frigate. The frigate displayed impressive speed an maneuverability. The drones lacked even a single layer of void-shielding and we clearly left by some sort of larger vessel. They could not all have fit on the frigate. By keeping our distance and utilizing the long range of our Sunsear Macrobatteries, we were able to destroy all of the drones without significant retaliation on their part. Unfortunately, the enemy frigate was able to do serious damage to our hull and escaped before we could capture it.

The transport was left with a large group of murder-servitors on its skin that remained undetected until we had large parties surveying its interior. They struck where we were most vulnerable, but our crew was able to turn them back before they could damage anything vital. I remain uninjured and am preparing to lead repairs on the R432-X98’s systems.



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