The Truly Free

Macharius Space Hulk 03

It is more or less a new day. Everyone is finished resting and so we are on our way to reestablish communications with the Fortress of the Living Tomb.

Markala’s penchant for excessive verbosity came in handy. Had we terminated communications in a reasonable amount of time, we would not have been in contact with the Fortress of the Living Tomb when it got caught in a tractor beam. Our simple extraction plan has become somewhat more complicated.

The access point the Eldar brought us to is functioning. I have broken into its deepest levels of security and made two great discoveries. The Fortress of the Living Tomb’s capture may have been the hand of the Machine God keeping us here long enough to discover two intact data vaults on our new trajectory. Also, I have located the control room for the tractor beams.

We have rendezvoused with the breacher shuttle that was going to take us off of this hulk. I allowed my two remaining guards to leave us there, taking with them the cognater core and the dead “Dark” Eldar. The shuttle had a stock of ammunition and photo-visors. Our soldiers restocked lest we run out of bullets before we run out of foes.

To shorten our journey, we are cutting through the deep parts of the hulk. Currently we are riding a cargo transport through a long section of a relatively intact vessel. We have been attacked by yet more “Dark” Eldar who were gracious enough to die with their weaponry intact. The xenos have been accompanied by ravening beasts that remind me of dogs, yet clearly bear the visage of Chaos. Like the “Dark” Eldar they are inhumanly fast.

The first of three breacher shuttles has reached us. Load lifter servitors are moving the first data vault as I write this. I look forward to delving into the vault.

The second breacher ship is away. This data vault was guarded by a large group of the dog-like creatures. That the xenos chose to guard this vault gives me hope that its contents will be truly awesome.

We are in the chamber that controls the tractor beams currently holding the Fortress of the Living Tomb hostage. There is an opulently dressed “Dark” Eldar and six of his guards in the control area. He is talking to us. I am taking careful aim.

The “Dark” Eldar leader was protected by an energy barrier. Our captive Eldar says it is called a “Shadow Shield.” It was able to absorb all of my shots as well as the shots from Ginroe’s storm bolter. The “Dark” Eldar taunted us before summoning forth a machine to fight us. The machine resembled a legless scorpion, floating on repulsors. The machine’s spirit was a raging mass of captured souls and I dared not interface with it. When the machine was destroyed, its “Dark” Eldar commander fled the room, leaving us free to deactivate the tractor beams. The beams required simultaneous control from two consoles, so Ginroe assisted me.

Our shuttle has just docked with the Fortress of the Living Tomb. Our captive Eldar has been stripped of all gear and sent to quarantine. I will hold off on dissecting her equipment in case we decide to set her free. The Fortress of the Living Tomb will be heading to Port Wander as soon as the Navy arrives to take over the destruction of the hulk. I am now on my way to med bay. Once they have replaced my face, it will be time to decipher all that we have salvaged.



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