The Truly Free

Macharius Space Hulk 02

Rook was right about our Eldar escort. He led us through a series of trapped hallways that greatly reduced our number. At first, the incidents appeared accidental, however retrospect paints a different picture. We lost ten of our porters and one of Rook’s disciples before we even reached the ambush.

In the midst of our travel, Zoltan stumbled on an archeotech box in excellent condition. My initial impression is that it is a miniature self contained stasis vault. Further examination is warranted, however I do not wish to force open the vault lest I damage it beyond reverse engineering.

We were ambushed by a group of “Dark” Eldar. They use different weaponry than the Eldar we encountered earlier and their armor appears to be of different design. For the most part, their weaponry is no more deadly than a bolter or even a good autogun, however their heavy weapons are very deadly and very compact. Sadly, I was only able to recover their two smaller guns. I doubt the rest of the team would agree with this sentiment, but it would be convenient to find more of these “Dark” Eldar on more favorable terms.

Additionally, my head needs repairs.

Yet another Eldar has joined our group. She claims to be the same variety as the first Eldar, however her costume is nearly as different from his as he was from the “Dark” ones. She has a medical device that appeared useful at first, but requires a psyker to operate. She wishes safe passage off of the hulk, just as her friend did. I have begun calculating the price of her transport.

The Eldar witch has shown me the locations of a few access panels to the “Dark” Eldar ship that are at the periphery of their influence. When the team has rested, we will set out.



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