The Truly Free

Macharius Jester's Bane 01

The navigators just announced that we have officially cleared The Maw. We will be in Footfall soon, but my work is important and others can complete the tasks that need to be completed there.

Rook managed to track down the Jester’s Bane. I doubt it will have any truly fascinating salvage, but it may have useful components for the Fortress of the Living Tomb or for trade. Until we arrive at its last known location, I will be drilling my team on salvage operations.

The raider that engaged the Jester’s Bane is still locked to her, prow to prow. The Bane gave better than it got, but her plasma drive is leaking badly. I am leading a team to repair the plasma drive with Ginroe as escort. Rook and Voltan are leading the main team to sweep the raider for salvage.

The plasma drive is somehow even worse than it looked from the ship.

In spite of assistance from Ginroe, Tristan, and Godwinne, I managed to power down the plasma drive to 2%, stopping the leak for now. It needs some serious repair work before it will be ready to push a ship around, but it should still be of value. Also of value, I now have two assistants with first hand experience repairing plasma containment systems. Three, if I count Ginroe. Using the 2%, I have been able to maintain power to the small remaining habitat, as well as restoring power to most of the ship’s doors. For now, we return to the shuttle to regroup with Voltan’s team on the raider.

Our shuttle was dismembered by unknown forces using unpowered bladed weapons, approximately 12 feet in length. Most of its minor systems will be salvageable for use in our other shuttles, but the propulsion and hull are scrap. Given that this is now a combat mission, I have turned over tactical command of our detachment to Ginroe.

We were attacked by mutants of some sort in the habitat area. There were no untainted survivors. The Heavy Rail Gun demonstrated inconsistent performance, although obviously a part of that is due to a sub-optimal operator. The best placed shots seemed more effective than an ordinary bolter, which is promising. As soon as I can get around the bulk of the current model, I want to see how our Arch-Militants do with it.

Once all resistance was put down, we finally managed to get a proper survey completed. The Bane’s plasma drive has been stripped and moved to storage, along with the raider ship’s geller field. Unfortunately, the void-shields and warp drives of both ships were totally demolished in the fighting and we were unable to bring either ship with us.



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